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by Brenda Green

“This is not helping us solve the REAL problem.” That’s what I want to say to people who claim to be Democrats, and then publicly chastise the party to which they claim to belong. Those people say things like, “Bernie should have been the nominee,” “The DNC is corrupt,” “It’s time to dismantle the Democratic establishment,” “Moderate Democrats need to step aside,” and on, and on, and on. Let’s consider each of those comments individually:

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Progressives Who Hate Hillary Took the Bait

Sanders Was Never Going to Get the Nod

Bernie Sanders was not and could not have been the party’s nominee. He shouldn’t have even tried. What made a socialist (and an Independent-changed-to-Democrat and now changed back to Independent) think he could infiltrate a major political party and spring his way to the top simply because his platform was far left? Would the Republicans allow an outsider to be immediately elevated to the top? No. Would the Green Party? No. And neither would any other party of significant size.

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Not only that, but Sanders’ qualifications didn’t hold a candle to Hillary Clinton’s. Think about it this way: Would the coach of a football team allow a quarterback from a rival team join the squad and immediately place that player in a starting position? No. S/he would have to prove loyalty, and adopt the team’s playbook! Sanders did neither. The notion that Sanders should have been the nominee defies all logic about how organizations operate.

Registered Democrats all over the nation selected Clinton in the primaries by a significant margin. There is no proof that Sanders would have won had it not been for the actions of the DNC. Granted, the DNC leaders are responsible for their own actions, but they should have never been put in a position of having to do things to elevate the true Democrat above a Socialist.

Deny! Deny! Deny!

Name an organization that isn’t corrupt on some level. There isn’t one. As a party, we elect the people who serve on the DNC. Those people are supposed to do what is in the best interest of the people of the party, and of the nation. If Sanders had become President, and if the Congress was controlled by Republicans as it is now, he would have accomplished nothing. His demands were too great, and his negotiating skills (not to mention his likeability) were sorely lacking. He would have accomplished far less than Obama did for the six years of his Presidency that he faced Republican obstructionism. Clinton at least had some negotiating skills, and was far more attuned to the workings of the government and the world than Sanders. It was in the best interest of the people of the party and the nation to have Clinton as President.

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“Baited” Blog Post

If I had been a leader on the DNC, I would have done whatever it took within the legal boundaries to get Clinton the nomination. She was the superior candidate in many ways, and he wasn’t even a legitimate member of the party. It’s funny how everyone on the left doesn’t mind calling Trump an illegitimate President because of Russian interference, but many of those same people are not willing to face the fact that Sanders was an illegitimate Democrat. Denial is often what surfaces when a person is unable to think critically about a given situation due to the existence of strong emotions that prevents them from doing so.

Establishment versus Progressive

When I hear people say that it is time to dismantle the Democratic “establishment,” my first thought is, “Why?” First of all, that term can have many meanings.

We have a lot of “established Democrats” in Congress who are progressive in ideology. Those seated center-left Democrats who aren’t considered progressive are evolving in their ideologies. Remember when Obama said he was “evolving” on the issue of gay marriage? He finally got there. Instead of trying to seat a completely new Congress, those Democrats who lag behind where progressives think they need to be should be given an opportunity to get on board with a more progressive platform.

Some use the term “establishment” to refer to the organization’s financial dealings. They don’t like the fact that the party accepts large sums of money from certain donors. NEWSFLASH: as long as the 2010 SCOTUS ruling in Citizen’s United stands, there will be big money in politics on both sides of the aisle. How does one expect Democrats to compete with Republicans if they don’t get big donations?

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“Baited” Blog Post

I heard an anti-racist speaker at a rally recently say that we need to get elected simply with small donations by the masses. Well guess what? Those masses are not stepping up to the plate. The Shawnee County Democratic Committee can’t even get more than a handful of donors to commit to a $5 a month recurring contribution! Maybe those progressives who want to get rid of “big money” in politics and try to compete with the GOP on small donations should put their money where their mouths are and be the first to contribute to their county committees.

There will always be a Democratic establishment. If every Democrat currently in Congress is replaced, and every leader in the DNC is replaced, the new people seated become the establishment. If the Democratic establishment was such a horrible thing, why did Sanders choose to become a part of it and attempt to use it to his advantage? I give him credit for realizing he didn’t have a shot at winning without the help of the “establishment” that many of his followers now seem to loathe. Throughout the campaign, he used inflammatory words against his opponent and against the party of which he chose to be a part. Sanders’ supporters bought into his propaganda as vehemently as the Trumpets bought into 45’s. Is either extreme really sane?

Moderate Democrats Will Never Go Away

Sanders’ supporters want an extremely progressive platform. It’s time to put energy into helping mold the Democratic platform instead of ripping at the heart of the party. Progressives can’t have everything they want immediately. It is very childish for them to imagine they can, and if not appeased, stomp off in a temper tantrum belittling those who didn’t give them exactly what they want.

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“Baited” Blog Post

Remember, in March Sanders defended Trump’s base and blamed the party for losing the election. He did so long after many details of Russian interference had come to light. I cannot find any article where Sanders blamed Trump, his supporters, or the Russians for causing the election to turn out as it did. Sanders betrayed the party he joined only months earlier in an attempt to achieve his goal. He manipulated the system, but in the end, he failed. The real enemy of the party is Sanders and his followers who are stuck in an “all or nothing” mindset.

Who Else Was Brainwashed?

I receive Google alerts in my email every time something is published on the Internet that mentions Clinton’s name. The alert is set to send me the email “as it happens.” Here are the today’s headlines – a few of many stories the right extremists published in a three hour time span on the Internet about Clinton, a full 9 months after the election!

  • Bill Shillady, Hillary Clinton’s pastor, plagiarized post-election devotional in new book
  • Hillary Clinton Is A Career CRIMINAL!
  • BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Ties To Charlottesville Riots EXPOSED!
  • Judge orders new search into Hillary Clinton emails
  • Albert Hunt: Democrats fret the return of Hillary Clinton
  • Move On, Lady: As Rollout for Hillary’s Book Draws Nearer, Democrats Just Wish She Would Go …
  • Notable & Quotable: Hillary’s Unwelcome Return
  • Ukrainian MP seeks probe of Ukraine-Clinton ties
  • FBI may have more info on Lynch/Clinton ‘tarmac meeting’ than it let on
  • BEGINNING OF THE END: The Nixon-Clinton-Trump triad of disgrace
  • Grassley: ‘Partisan’ Lawsuits Against Trump Should Also Implicate Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton kisses a KKK Dragon PUCKER
Shawnee County Democrats graphic

“Baited” Blog Post

With the millions of lies published by those extremists in an effort to destroy Clinton’s political career over a time span of at least two decades, isn’t it slightly possible that opinions might have been swayed away from her just a little? Before saying “no,” try this: go find some Clinton videos of when she was on the campaign trail and TRY to view those videos with no opinion about her at all. An objective viewer will see that she is not the lying, cheating, bitch they made her out to be. Clinton is a rational, extremely qualified, very intelligent, and kind-hearted person. If it wasn’t for their hatred of Clinton, would progressives still feel the same about Sanders?

The psychological impact of right-wing propaganda over decades turned Clinton into a monster in many people’s eyes. I admit there was a period in time when I didn’t like her. But, I was able to clarify my thinking and rationally determine what kind of person she is – judging her by her behavior and words, not theirs.  Progressives who hate her were baited. And they took the bait, hook, line and sinker. The years and years of right-wing, hate-filled propaganda affected them whether they believe it or not. I challenge progressives to think about their own biases against Clinton with a rational and open mind to determine the root cause of those opinions.

The Future is What We Make It

At this point, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of Clinton … or Sanders. What matters is what we SAY about the party. For example, Democrat Paul Davis recently entered the race for the Kansas 2nd Congressional District representative seat being vacated by Lynn Jenkins. One of the first public statements he made as a candidate was to say he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi if elected. What was the purpose of saying that? This statement only perpetuates the public view of Democrats as being divided. Couldn’t he have taken a more positive approach by saying something like, “We have many Democrats in the House who would be excellent minority or majority leaders. I would weigh each individual’s qualifications before deciding how to cast my vote.” There is a certain psychology to politics that we all need to understand, and choose our words very carefully … especially if we are running for office!

The future of our nation depends on extreme left-wingers coming to grips with what really happened in the 2016 election cycle. Open minds and rational thought are required if the party is to emerge from this nightmare unified in its base, and rehabilitated in its message. Clinton was the best person for the job, and she did not manipulate anyone. If she was that powerful, she would have found a way to win the election. The DNC may have been corrupt, but it acted in our best interest. Continued discord will not get any Democrats elected in the mid-terms.  Progressives must take what they can get in the platform, and then work their tails off like the moderates toward taking back our nation. The party is not our enemy. Republicans are.

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