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Committees: The Heart of Progress

Advocacy Action Committee GraphicThe Advocacy Action Committee

Co-Chairs Brenda Green and Tosha McKnight

Created in response to the 2016 election as our branch of the Resistance, The Advocacy Action Committee of the Shawnee County Democrats has three goals: 1) To actively influence legislative votes on issues important to Kansans on the national, state, and county levels; 2) To actively work toward getting Democrats elected on every level of government; 3) To actively seek members of the community who want to register to vote and/or serve as Precinct Leaders.




The Events Committee of the Shawnee County Democratic Committee has three goals: 1) To make known the presence of the Shawnee County Democrats in our community; 2) To increase people’s involvement by volunteering, getting out the vote (GOTV), supporting candidates as well as financial contributions to the county party; 3) To inform our community and voters on issues that directly affect their lives here in Kansas. Ongoing events and activities include the Bean Feed, summer picnic, First Friday Art Walk, area parades, Mother Earth News Fair, March for Science, and Holiday Food Drive.

focus-groups-graphicFocus Groups:





Fundraising_Committee GraphicFundraising:


legislative-oversight-committee-graphicLegislative Oversight:





precinct-committee-graphicPrecinct Committee:

Matt Miller (Chair)


bylaws-committee-graphicRules and Bylaws:

Larry Tenopir  (Chair)
Deborah Edelman-Dolan



Candace Ayars (Chair)
Jackson Woods
Brett Kell 

voter-committee-graphicVoter Registration:

Elizabeth Herbert (Co-chair)
Lori Rowe (Co-chair)
Deborah Edelman-Dolan
Dan Brennan
Ron Rose

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Election Day outside of big cities is different. For one thing, there are so few people in my town that each individual vote really does matter, and several local races have been decided by as many votes as you can count on one hand. — Susan Orlean

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