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Ward Captains’ Contact Info

When you look at the Topeka precinct map, the first number is your Ward, the second number is your Precinct. Find the Ward Captain with the corresponding Ward number in the list below and email that person directly. Or, use the form to contact your Ward Captain. We’ll make sure your message gets to the right person.

  1.   Luc Bensimon 785.408.6453
  2. Ron Rose 316.806.7777
  3. Paul Harrison 785.806.4338
  4. Vacant
    Alt: Deborah Hensley 785.232.1944
  5. Ben Scott 785.266.5688
  6. Brett Kell 785.640.2580
  7. Duncan Whittier 785.251.1003
  8. Jackson Woods 785.806.2351
    Alt: Janet Cathcart 785.357.7785
  9. Kathy Duncan 785.213.1724
  10. Jim Kenyon 785.273.5597
  11. Pam McCoy-Greene 785.250.3622
  12. Scott Henson785.383.1893
  13. Vacant
  14. Rehan Reza 785.554.0586
  15. Michael Gilmore 785.608.6661

NE Township: Dan Brennan 785.249.3651
SE Township: Larry Brayton 785.224.6437
SW Township: Vacant

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