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Run for Office

Trun-for-office-graphiche best way to combat corruption in politics is for good people to run for office and take those seats. Every election is important and has the potential to impact our day-to-day lives. From the local school board, to statehouse elected seats, all the way up to the White House … every election matters. Tweeting and posting on social media outlets are good methods for sharing information. But if you really want to fight corruption and help set our community on the right path, get on the ballot.

The 2018 election cycle is rapidly approaching. If you’re thinking of running for a Kansas State Representative seat, contact the the Kansas House Democrats by completing the form below. They will answer your questions and help you decide whether seeking state office is right for you.

The most meaningful thing you can do in the age of Trump, for your community, for your country, is run for office. Across America, Republican politicians stand ready to do their part in the implementation of the Trump and GOP agenda. Beat them. Across America, Democrats blind to the stakes of the moment, comfortable in their positions or too timid to fight effectively against the Republican Party, stand, like bowling pins, ready to be knocked down again. Replace them. Not with some milquetoast professional or former lobbyist groomed by the state party. You. You, with the undocumented parents; you, who remembers when your town was a steel town; you, PTA regular; you, professor; you, concerned citizen, should run. — Slate


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