Hillary’s Confetti Used to Make Art

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By Brenda Green

Life would be much different right now if Hillary Clinton had been allowed to assume the position in our government that she won by nearly 3 million popular votes. Some of the confetti that would have been used in her inauguration was tracked down by an artist and used to create a lasting memorial to the woman who should be serving as our 45th President.

The artist, Bunny Burson, told artnet.com, “I wanted to fill that emptiness with hope by giving voice to my feelings that even in defeat, Hillary’s confetti could be used to inspire the next generations of little girls and young women to dream big and to act on their dreams.”



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  1. This is really nice. I wonder if she’s seen it?

    • I would be surprised if she hasn’t. According to the article linked to, the artist has strong ties to Hillary.

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