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Get Involved in the Political Process

Political activism is not just for those with know-how, money, or connections. Anyone can get involved in the political process. Begin by tracking your Congressional legislators’ voting activity. In Kansas, find your state legislators’ voting record at Other resources available through the legislative website include:

  • Search for bills by keywords or phrases
  • Track a bill through the legislative process
  • Listen to House and Senate sessions live

There is also a Kansas legislative hotline (800-432-3924) for finding out about legislative activity, including the introduction of bills, sponsorship, amendments, status, etc. To keep tabs on how your tax dollars are being spent, visit KanView, an “online solution that brings better visibility, openness, and accessibility to state government financial activity for Kansas taxpayers.” KanView data is presented as revenues or expenditures by the Kansas Department of Administration.

Make sure you let your state and federal legislators know where you stand on issues that are important to you.

Don’t Forget the Governor

Office of the Governor
State Capitol Building
300 SW 10th Ave., Suite 241S
Topeka, KS 66612-1590
By phone: tel:877-579-6757 or 785-296-3232; for hearing impaired, 800-766-3777
By e-mail:
On Facebook:
On Twitter: @govsambrownback

Visit for links to state departments and elected officials, including the Attorney General
and Secretary of State. You can find out who donated money to your legislator through reports filed with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission

More Resources on SNCO Dem’s Website

The Shawnee County Democrat’s website has many resources to help you get involved in the political process:


A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation. — James Freeman Clarke

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