Become a Precinct Leader

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Become a Precinct Leader

Change begins at the local level. If you have been distraught over the political climate in the United States since November 2016, there IS something you can do. In order to remove Trump and his Republican cronies in Washington from office, Democrats must GET OUT THE VOTE. Replacement in Washington begins with the 2018 mid-term elections. If Democrats can regain control of the House of Representatives, the damage those currently in power can do will be severely limited – at least for the last two years of 45’s term.

What is a Precinct Leader?

precinct-committee-graphicHow do Democrats go about “getting out the vote?” They find the Democrats in their local precincts and remind them to vote, talk with them about the importance of voting, register them if need be, and offer them a ride to the polls if they can’t make it there by themselves. It isn’t hard. It takes a only few hours each week from now until election day in 2018. Become a precinct committeeman or woman and visit the registered Democrats in your precinct.  Shawnee County has many vacant precinct committee positions that need filled. Find the most current list of Democratic
Precinct Men and Women on the Shawnee County Election Office website. Don’t know your precinct number? Look it up on the precinct maps. Volunteer to be the voice of change in your neighborhood.

As a precinct volunteer, your responsibility is to:

  • Make contact with Democrats in your precinct by going door-to-door, by postcard, by hosting a block party, or by doing whatever works for you.
  • Support the endorsed candidates of the Democratic Party.
  • Attend a training session this summer.

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